Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lighting Today

Once the artworks are all hung,and the labels in place, the next task is lighting. Lighting can dramatically change the piece , bringing it to life.  The preparator is using a lift to reach our track lights, while the registrar check the light meter in
front of the painting.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Unpacking, Checking Condition, Storing Crates

Toady the goal is to have all the crates unpacked!  Here you can see the deep foam padding inside a painting crate.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Intern's Perspective

Sarah Velasquez, our intern from Vanderbilt, shares her insights on museum work:

                As I have progressed through my internship during these past six weeks, the amount of inside information I’ve been able to take in has been tremendous. When I was asked to write about what  knowledge I have garnered about incoming exhibitions themselves, with the arrival and on-going installation of The Golden Age,  one word came forefront above all others—adaption. Museums follow the laws of science to the extent that the fittest survive; the ones which adapt and evolve to a shifting and unstable environment are those who will be victorious. Working with what you already have for a small museum is a quintessential characteristic, and it is a concept which I saw heavily utilized here at The Art Museum. The genius use of space to accompany all 43 of the incoming crates is a magnificent achievement that left many people walking through to stop and stand in the new organized space with an expression of bewilderment, just like a child walking through the gates of Disney World for their very first time.

                The installation itself has also been an educational experience. Although I have only been able to observe for a short while, it does not take long to see the precision that accompanies these installations. The carefulness and accuracy that is used in handling these historic paintings is clearly evident, leading to a steady tension throughout the room. However, I do think this tension itself a good thing, since it truly shows the understanding and passion everyone has for these artworks. And that was something to be learned on its own.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hanging the Portrait of Adelaide

The first painting is up - the largest one.  It is a Portrait of Madame Adelaide, about 1787 by Adelaide Labille-Guiard, oil on canvas.  A big job to hang!

An Exciting Day!

Here's some

shots from the installation as it begins:

Big Crates

That room we cleared out is now the staging area for three paintings - in these huge crates! there is a smaller crate with books that hold informati
on about each painting's condition. As each crate is opened, the painting is examined to make sure there are no changes, or damage that resulted from the shipping.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

All Set for 43 Crates

In order to make room for all the crates we are expecting for the old Masters' show, we had to move our shop inventory, our docent teaching area, and office, art suppplies and lots of other things. Look at he progress we've made!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Painting Over and Over

For the upcoming show, we are painting the galleries, as museums do in between each exhibition. All the nail holes have to be patched, colors chosen,  pylons (movable walls) painted  and border put on  he pylons. The rich deep red on these pylons took several coats. Notice the baseboard on has been put on one of them.

I asked our preparator if there were ever "too many nail holes and patches " in the walls. he said, Definitely.  Our walls are cinder block with plaster over them. It's hard to keep patching and painting and keep the walls stable and looking nice.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Celebration of 30 Years of Service

Yesterday the volunteers and
staff met to honor docents for their service to the museum.  Here Deborah Borrowdale-Cox and Jane Shropshire present certificates for 390 years of teaching and touring to Anne Tauchert and Becky Faulconer.  What  an amazing gift they have given to the community!

Also honored for ten years of service was Saundra Lykins, and for five years, Jane Cutter, Kate Savage and Jane Shropshire, who is our  Chairperson of the Docent Council this year.

The group was very festive, sharing stories of

their tours. The dessert was especially cute with butterfly cookies!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Putting the Interns to Work

With a major exhibition coming in, we are expecting 43 crates. We have to make room! That means moving a office that we carved out of our back area.  Our Educaiton Intern, Sarah Velaquez, is busy moving the teacher outreach office from this

to this.  Sarah is here for the summer. She is a student from Vanderbilt. She is working  on several project, but took a break to help out.   We have another intern, Sam Humphrey who is an intern working with our preparator, Alan.  they are stacking vitrines and taking items to storage to make room for the crates.