Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Day in the Life of an Art Museum Intern

I began interning with the Art Museum at Uk with the White Elephant Rummage Sale in July. It is now November and we are working hard towards making Art in Bloom 2014 a tremendous success. Over the past four months I have learned a great amount about versatility. From refreshing sponsorship letters to researching lesson plans, compiling support for a famous Kentucky artist and folding and mailing a never-ending amount of letters, I’ve learned to let myself be used in as many ways as possible. The staff at the Art Museum is remarkable, trusting me with a wide array of tasks and showing great patience when I become confused. Of course, the best part of all in working in an Art Museum is getting a sneak peak at exhibitions and then seeing those great works of art every day!

I was not sure what to expect when I began this internship, but Amy (interim director, Amy Nelson) immediately put me to work updating donor lists and mailing materials. I come in, she gives me a task(s) and I get right to work. After four months, I cannot begin to count how many names and mailing addresses I’ve entered into Microsoft Excel. But, these are the tasks of someone working with non-profit development. You must develop and constantly nurture your donor base, keeping them updated and engaged with what your organization is doing. Art in Bloom is our largest fundraiser by far and it has a fantastic and beneficial mission. It will be such a reward to see a great turnout at the event in February and then run the numbers afterwards to see how much we will be able to donate to support art education in Kentucky schools! Before we pop the top on Art in Bloom, we have to do the hard work.

Charles Calhoun

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