Thursday, November 20, 2014

Art On The Move

2 Lines Oblique points the way through the snow

The Art Museum’s outdoor sculpture has moved! If you have been around UK’s  Singletary Center recently, you probably noticed the  heavy machinery digging holes and moving stuff around to make room for a temporary structure that will house UK dining services and restaurants that are currently located within the Student Center.

The move made the sculptures more accessible than ever.  We hope you can come by and take a rest on the Stone Bench with Great Raven by Peter Woytuk, or spend a quiet moment watching the subtle but constant motions of George Rickey’s Two Lines Oblique.

Other sculptures that have found new homes around the Singletary Center are Pass Thru by Richard Hunt, Road Snake by Bob Haozous, Profile Cantor 5-3 by Ernest Trova, and The Pairs by Peter Woytuk.  

 Three other works have moved off-site.  Sylvan by Albert Paley was returned to the artist, ending a long-term loan to The Art Museum.  Coal Pot by El Anatsui is being stored and conserved, and Recover by Patrick Toups can still be seen in the rear courtyard of the Fine Arts Building.

The Museum staff is excited to see these changes coming to our front door and we’re looking forward to what the future will bring to our space.  Stop by to see the new sculpture placements, and come inside for a break from the winter weather and an opportunity to see some beautiful art.

a new home for Road Snake

workers move The Pairs

lifting Stone Bench with Raven

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