Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's Not a Job, It's a Pleasure

That's how Ann Tauchert decribes her work at the
Art Museum, where she has volunteered as a docent for over 30 years.

She moved to Lexington with her husband Ted, an engineer, in 1970. She had been a docent before at the Princeton Art Museum. The art museum was just a pipe dream until 1976, but Ann has been involved since the beginning. She says "I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You meet nice people, it's always changing, and it was wonderful escape from doing 5th grade math with one of my five children." She really enjoys teaching a group of younger students, especially fro out of the city. "It's amazing how country kids get more excited and don't take it for granted. Younger children just eat it up!"

We are so glad to have Ann as part of our art museum family!

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