Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Link to the Community and Teachers

We are so proud of our Teacher Outreach Coordinator, Sonja Brooks, honored as a Partner for Youth program leader for its 2011 Grassroots Program.

Sonja started our teacher outreach program over five years ago. She has reached out to teachers in 19 neighboring counties, and offers workshops on a regular basis. I am always impressed when I read the evaluations- the teachers really treasure the experience, the information they get, the special experiences that Sonja plans for and provides. And each teacher can reach up to 600 students with the information!

Sonja also works each spring with several neighboring schools to produce a show for Youth Art Month. This year , the theme is one for eco-arts -- "It's Easy Beading Green," focused on beads made from recycled materials. I've had fun making the beads myself from magazine pages, yogurt tops, and even made some with my grandchild. Old chocolate wrappers (the gold ones) make amazing beads!

We are so fortunate to have someone as creative, energetic and personable as Sonja running our outreach program. Beads will be accepted until February 28 - see the website for more details!

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